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Savysec Security

Reliable SIA Security Staffing

Our Services

The security industry is a competitive market that requires stability on behalf of clients. That’s why we’ve created an infrastructure that not only provides faster, more responsive, more reliable services but choices that can be customised to suit your particular event or location needs.

<span>Security</span> Guarding

Security Guarding

<span>Concierge</span> Security

Concierge Security

<span>Office</span> Security

Office Security

<span>Overnight</span> Security

Overnight Security

<span>Location</span> Security

Location Security

<span>Warehouse</span> Security

Warehouse Security

<span>Close Protection</span> Services

Close Protection Services

<span>Event</span> Security

Event Security

<span>Retail</span> Security

Retail Security

<span>Music Venue</span> Security

Music Venue Security

<span>Film Set</span> Security

Film Set Security

<span>Theatre</span> Security

Theatre Security

<span>Public Event</span> Security

Public Event Security

<span>Hotel</span> Security

Hotel Security

<span>SIA Door</span> Supervisors

SIA Door Supervisors

Extensive Real-World Experience

All SIA Licensed Security

Accredited Employer

London Living Wage

Accredited Employer

Tried and tested staffing

We have a regular, reliable security workforce

24-7 Call Answering

for existing clients

Fully insured & complaint

Public and employers liability

Client Mobile Supervision

Roaming managers & response team

5 Star rated online

Google, Facebook, Trustpilot

5,000+ Events protected

SIA and stewarding provided

15 Years in business

Established. 2008

Rated 5 stars online

Luke Middleton
Luke Middleton
Christiana at piano Smithfield’s is the most relatable and down to earth security officer I have ever come across. So genuine and lovely person. Pleasure meeting her and being in her company.
Octave AZA
Octave AZA
Savysec Security, is a security company that operates in UK. The company is more visible across London. Savysec Security dispatches professionals security guards to patrol and secure office buildings across London. They also supply secury personnel communally called bouncers or doormen who work in Cocktail bars to provide safe & secure enviroronment for customers. Personnel are trained up by SIA authority and wear SIA DOOR SUPERVISOR badge at all time in the clients' venues. The company, Savysec Security is reliable and employ professional security guards to fulfil the client's demand. I recommend this security company👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Goalie DJ#1
Goalie DJ#1
Smartly dressed and endlessly helpful. A real pleasure to deal with security who offer more than grunting disapproval!
Really great people to work for
Luke Pullen
Luke Pullen
Perfect service as always - thank you!
Nikita Lisher
Nikita Lisher
Savysec is a great company to work with. They are dedicated to the services they provide, and very much value their clients and staff. I'd highly recommend them to any business looking for top notch service.
David Piriz
David Piriz
Second to none proving world class customer service
sandra campos
sandra campos
Great service and impeccable professionalism.
carl Selway
carl Selway
Ive had the pleasure of working for Savysec since Novemebr 2019 and have found them to be an excellent and professional firm. Work is always varied and interesting and the venues are of the highest quality.


  • All SIA licensed security staffing
  • We can Provide: SIA Security Guards,
  • Event Security and SIA Door Supervisors
  • Tried, tested & experienced staff
  • Well Paid Security that work Hard!
  • We have protected over 2,500+ events
  • Mobile patrol management team Included
  • Fully insured and legally compliant
  • Rated Five Stars online

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