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Security Guards
26 February 2023

Event Security Staffing

Why it is necessary to pay for good security staff to protect your event

The bigger communities become, the more important external and internal security is to ensure the safety and protection of both the property and the people inside. That’s why we at Savysec Security services deploy the most trusted and experienced security guards, door supervisors, and ground teams for buildings, offices, shared workspaces and warehouses across London and the surrounding area.

  • Security for shared workspaces, business centres, and university campuses
  • Door supervisors for shopping centres, hotels, and theatres
  • Overnight security for unoccupied commercial buildings and construction sites
  • Round-the-clock concierge front of house security services

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Our highly-trained and certified SIA security guards each undergo site training on patron safety, crime prevention, access, and control, how to liaison with emergency services, and more; all to provide clients and properties with trusted protection.

The skills and training required by our staff are continuously installed, checked and build upon because we want to be more than just a visible crime deterrent. In fact, each member of our security detail is trained to judge body language, detect signs of crime or disorder before they become a threat.

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